The  sound, called kompa, is a marriage of Latin rhythms and Haitian folk music. But it's more than that. Compas (Haitian Creole: konpa), or kompa, is a dance music and modern méringue in Haiti with European and African roots. The genre was popularized following the 1955 creation of the band Conjunto International by Nemours Jean-Baptiste. 


Fritz Bonostro plays keyboard and sings he composes and arranges most of the tunes, It all comes together in bright, and beautiful melodies sung over smooth Island grooves. The West Palm Beach florist designer started the band in the mid-90s in New York, where he emigrated from Haiti 


With his parents in 1981.Bonostro writes songs that talk mostly of love lost and found, and partying on the beach. 


In 1997, just as kwazé was beginning to taste some success in New York nightclubs and recording songs for a debut CD, Bonostro moved to West Palm Beach where he establish a reputation playing at Clematis, Sun Fest Festival, ArtiGras Festival, Kaleidoscope Festival, Tunes and Town concerts And locals clubs.  


"It's Kwazé", Bonostro says. 


"Fate. Destiny, whatever you call it "


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